5 Must Try Adventure Activities in Ireland

by admin on September 24, 2013 · 415 comments

When tourists think about Ireland, they think about the intriguing accent (the brogue), the great pubs and the whiskey, and the hot-tempered redheads. Then there’s always the image of endless fields of green, green grass and the adventure activities you can do. There’s no shortage of adventure activities in Ireland, and to be safe you may want to bring along some extreme activities travel insurance.
Biking on the Great Western Greenway

1. Ride a bike through the Great Western Greenway - In County Mayo, there’s a previously disused railway line called the Great Western Greenway, and now it’s been converted for walking and cycling. The new trail offers 30 miles of breath-taking hearth land along rivers and coastline. It runs from Newport to Mulranney and has been extended to Achill Island and Westport. Just don’t overextend yourself so that you don’t have to actually use that extreme activities travel insurance. You can always cheat—you can hire a bike that offers a pickup service in case you get tired, and you can even get a bike with a motor.

2. Kayak through the rapids in County Kerry - This may be where you can see the Ring of Kerry, but for the more adventurous it’s the waters here and not the tourist route that get their attention. You can ride the rapids from Lough Leane to the nearby River Laune while gawking at Macgillycuddy’s Reeks and nesting eagles along the way. It’s a 15-mile water journey you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

3. Forage for seaweed in West Cork - The increasing interest in the health benefits of seaweed among the health-conscious has revived the popularity of foraging trips. In West Cork, you can go to remote islands and inlets to forage for these amazing plants. You can harvest kelp and have your fill of seaweed soup and scones. There’s a beach here too, when it’s time to relax.

4. Canoe in Lough Erne - The awesome lakes of Upper and Lower Lough Erne are linked by the River Erne, and together they provide an award-winning trail for canoe enthusiasts everywhere. The Upper Lough offers beginners and families a gentle ride through a maze of channels, islands, and bays. For the more experienced canoeists, the more challenging shoreline of Lower Lough Erne provides a more interesting test with its open waters and large waves during windy days.

5. Windsurf in Brandon Bay - Actually, you can windsurf in many places in Ireland, and Brandon Bay is just one of the great places where you can do it. It’s well-known for its ideal wave conditions and the beauty of the beach is irresistible. There are also windsurfing instructors in the area, so you and your family can actually learn and improve your windsurfing skills safely. Play it safe and do it right, and there’s no need to trot out that extreme activities travel insurance.

Of course, you can’t and shouldn’t spend your entire days on just the extreme adventure activities in Ireland. Find some days to play golf, and then mingle with the friendly locals in a pub at night. Believe me, there’s one somewhere in Ireland! Have fun!

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