Working and Living in Ireland

by admin on September 20, 2013 · 666 comments

With its rolling green landscape, friendly locals, and ancient and fascinating history, it’s little wonder that many travelers dream of extending their time in Ireland. Whether or not it’s possible to do so legally and how that Beautiful Irelandneeds to be done will depend on an individual’s nationality and skills. It may be necessary to get migration help from a professional to extend one’s stay in Ireland. Ireland is presently in an economic recession, so jobs are tough to come by even for residents. Therefore, getting casual work is only possible under certain circumstances.

People who have EU citizenship or who are eligible for EU citizenship should have few problems staying in Ireland and getting work. Citizens of any country should look into whether they are eligible for Irish citizenship. Generally, if one has a parent or grandparents who comes from Ireland, it’s possible to apply for dual citizenship. This means one can get Irish citizenship without giving up citizenship in one’s home country. Migration lawyers can help with this.

Irish, Australian, American and Canadian citizens between the ages of 18 and 30 are eligible for holiday working visas for up to one year. American citizens must also have been in college within the previous 12 months. Interested travelers from these countries should look into the Irish Working Holiday Visa for more information on how to proceed.

Americans of any age who simply wish to remain in the country for an extended time without working can stay in Ireland for up to three months as a tourist. Requirements and the time allowed in the country without special visas vary for citizens of other countries, and many countries require a visa simply for initial entry.

These are the main ways that citizens of other countries can remain in Ireland and get casual work such as working on a pub. It may be possible for that three month period for Americans or visas for citizens of other countries to be extended in a number of ways, but most of those ways would not permit legal work. In certain highly skilled fields, work permits are also available, but again, these would not lend themselves to casually picking up a job. Migration lawyers can help travelers understand their options.

Those who wish to extend a stay in Ireland without working can apply for longer-stay visas by proving they have funds in the bank to support themselves. People who wish to get the experience of working in Ireland but are not eligible to work legally could consult with a migration lawyer to find out if they would be violating any laws by working on a voluntary basis.

Skilled areas including medicine, some types of software development, engineering and a few other fields may recruit qualified workers from outside of Ireland. People who are interested in this option should consult migration help to find out what steps they need to take to become eligible.

Ireland is a beautiful and popular destination, but it’s important to get migration help when one wants to remain longer in any foreign country than is legally permitted or to work in that country so that one does not overstay and end up barred from the country one loves. Many options are available for travelers who wish to extend their stay in Ireland.